Blessed Beyond

Good Morning! I got to do this before my first cup of coffee this beautiful morning…

That was the second boat to wash up 20 minutes apart. 

I want to start by responding to a few of you that have asked for photos. This is as close as I’ll take, for a couple of reasons. 1. Dignity and privacy for the refugees and 2. Once I’m with the refugees, my hands are busy helping 😊 Whether that is in the camp hugging a woman (that takes both hands, I’m a big, give it my all hugger!) or helping someone into dry socks, shoes or clothes or providing urgent care on the beach.

This morning I helped a woman who was hyperventilating from the stress of the 60 minute sea crossing. Once I got her baby in her husbands arms and a couple of Dutch medics help, I sat her on the ground where she could get her bearings. I held her and reassured her, calmed her down and just loved on her. Her eyes showed fear, relief and gratitude. Mine were filled with tears for the blessing of being able to do what I do best, love on another human being. 

I received a message this morning from the volunteer network, here on Lesvos, that there was an immediate need for 500+ dry shoes up at the refugee camp, due to the numbers of refugees coming in. This is where donated money comes in. 

Feeling extremely grateful this morning. For everything. For life! For all of you and mostly for this work I get to do!

If you’d like to help me help them there are two ways: 



PayPal friends and family option gets me money on my PayPal debit card nearly instantly. 
You have no idea how hard it is for me to ask for anything. I typically pull from my own reserves. Well I’ve pulled all I’ve got. I’m here because this is where God led me. I’ll stay until He leads me to leave. 

Much Love!


6 thoughts on “Blessed Beyond

  1. Thank you Sandy, the eyes of most of the world have moved on to other events…. Thank for going and sharing yourself and the love of God! And keeping alive a very real event that is still going on. Praying for provision for you and for those you are ministering to.

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