Arm Reduction

So this one will be brief… Monday I had brachioplasty. Basically I have had these lovely tone arms from yoga and exercise, then the flappy stuff underneath. It’s gone. I feel like yuck, recovering, did too much 24 hours out and paying for it this morning with swollen hands, headache and a fever 😦
So will update the blog this weekend when feeling better!


46 thoughts on “Arm Reduction

  1. Brachiioplasty looks like a long name for OW!! I hope recovery comes soon.
    From what I have ‘learned’ of you through this blog, you take “Take it easy.” like I do. A challenge. Matthew 14:13 Jesus departed from there by boat to a deserted place by Himself.
    Rest and recover.

  2. Feel better soon, Sandi. I’ve often wondered how you’re able to do so much right after surgery 😦 Give us an update when you’re well. xoxo

  3. Hi Sandi, glad you are ok, take is easy!!!! The results will be worth it, at least you have your lovely family around you to help x

  4. You have been quiet, that must mean you are relaxing . . . Or it still hurts to type. . . Either way, take care of yourself!

    Thinking of you! Been too busy to log . . .

  5. I am sure the results will be worth it, but yowchers! You look so pitiful. I hope you are able to accept the love and care you deserve. Looking forward to having you back, healthy and blogging (when you are ready!). Take care!

  6. Looks horridly painful. I know that you’ve looked forward to this surgery for a while. Congratulations and Good Luck! I hope you have wonderful people taking care of you.

    • Still having a lot of pain 9 days postnop, but they look great 😀 I’ve had some wonderful help this past week and a half, even if much of the first few days are fuzzy.

  7. So THAT’s why you’ve been quiet – started worrying about you, decided to jump over the “great wall” and search for a working proxy to view your blog only to see you in and read about your pain. Hope you are recovering well and RESTING. Miaaing you, LOTS.
    V, R and M

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