Dukan – Days 81 & 82

Day 81 PV Day… Traveled to Shanghai by rail
Daily Weight Loss: 0.1 lb
Day 82 PP Day… Traveled to Phuket by air
Daily Weight Loss: 0.9 lb/0.4 kg
Total Weight Loss: 40.7 lb/18.5 kg

Good start to my holiday to see a little weight loss! I woke up this morning to the beautiful blue skies of Phuket, Thailand. After a Skype chat with Shannon and Ken, me, Cathy, Karen and Dominique had our first 1 hour massage. Can’t wait for the next one! We’re now having eggs and bacon for brekkies and in an hour the van will come and we’ll start our tour. More tomorrow…
Ciao šŸ™‚




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