Travel – All Booked!!

So… after TONS of research, months of playing around on airline websites, dozens of hours up late reading Camino forums for advise… we’ve got all of our transportation from Abu Dhabi to SJPP (St Jean Pied de Port) and back finally booked! 😀

I could not be happier. I was able to book the last tickets this afternoon after Lucy found a better way back to London from Spain! Here’s the itinerary:

21 April
Abu Dhabi to London Heathrow LV 0235 arrive 0720 on Etihad Airways
Bus to London Stanstead airport
London Stanstead to Biarritz LV 1215 arrive 1505 on RyanAir
Caroline taxi service will pick us up at Biarritz and drive us to SJPP (thanks to the forum for that recommendation!!)
Where we will check into L’Esprit du Chemin ( for a good meal and hopefully a restful sleep… we start our journey after breakfast early morning on the 22nd!

22 April to 25 May walk to Santiago approximately 22-25 km per day

26 May
Santiago to London Stanstead LV 1135 arrive 1240 on RyanAir
Overnight at Lucy’s mom’s house

27 May
Bus to London Heathrow from Stanstead airport
LHR to Abu Dhabi LV 1445 arrive 0050 (28 May) on Etihad Airways

There is something energizing about having it all booked. All I have to think about now is continuing my condition training… all the supplies are bought, all the transportation booked… WOO HOO!

5 weeks 0 days… but who’s counting?

Buen Camino!


2 thoughts on “Travel – All Booked!!

  1. You are amazing and an inspiration. I should have one half of your motivation and energy. Please try to blog on the way. You are a fabulous writer, rich in descriptions and adventures. I will live vicariously through your adventure lil sis!

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