Dukan Diet Redo – Day 3 – Attack

So now I’m in Shanghai. Nice 2 hour flight delayed by rain, but settling in. 

Breakfast: Tea Eggs

Lunch: Roast beef and FF Greek yogurt

Dinner: Chicken breast, garlic scapes

Water: more than 1500mL

Exercise: 2.25 miles + tons of walking at airport!

I’m excited to be back in Shanghai. Looking forward to a visit in Hangzhou after this baby is born. 


Dukan Diet Redo – Day 2 – Attack

Day 2 and all is well. Still no scale, but I’m sure I’m losing. I’m heading up to Shanghai this evening for 2 weeks, I love visiting familiar places, although I feel Shenzhen is familiar now!

Feeling good, no tummy troubles, eating perfectly :)

Breakfast: Scrambled eggs
Lunch: Pork belly, 1/2 onion
Dinner: big ole hamburger (lean)
Snack: yogurt with flax seed meal
Water: > 2000mL

I walked 4.86 miles yesterday & did a 75 minute yin yoga class. This is from one of my walks:


Time to finish packing for my flight!


Dukan Diet Redo – Day 1 Attack

So here I am again :) China, needing to lose weight, needing to exercise more. I’ve gained back 40 pounds of the 111 that I lost, IN 10 months! Many things contributed to this, but the bottom line is I lost my discipline and accountability. I continued to eat well this past year, but it’s so easy to eat out. A fractured foot on Labor Day also added some down time and on and on.

So I figure I’ll start over where it all began! A challenge by Tatjana over at No Heels Just Sneakers started June 1, as well.

I have no idea what I weigh. No scale here. I do know what I weighed when I left home 2 weeks ago and feel like I’ve lost weight already, which is awesome! Lots of walking here in China. I will see if I can pop into a clinic and get a weight. But I’m back on Dukan, I’m doing 5 days of attack, and I’m committed to walking a minimum of 1 mile a day.

Yesterday morning before my first walk of the day, holding my bib. I had it laminated so it would last:


And this is what I walked/ran (intervals of 60/30):


Breakfast: Tea Eggs x 2
Lunch: Pork and garlic stems
Dinner: Beef stir fry with red onion chunks and garlic stems
Snack: Yogurt with 1 Tbs flax seed meal
Water: 1500 mL throughout the day

So that’s Day 1. Feeling great. Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend!


China – Again :)

I’m back in China. This time for 6 weeks to be with two different birthing families. Baby number one was born this past Tuesday and he’s a keeper!


Yes, that’s a chip clip on his cord. Sometimes you have to improvise :D

Wednesday my friend Alice and I met up with my personal assistant Rose from Guangzhou. She brought along Jack (yes, Jack and Rose) and they are now married! We went to Splendid China and had a splendid day!










We finished our day together with amazing, mouth numbing Hunan food!

Thursday Alice and I walked across the border to Hong Kong. Spent the day exploring and picking up things that Alice needed.

Last night I had dinner with Lotte, a midwife from Denmark. I wish our obstetrics were more like theirs! No competition for money = excellent care for women. The midwives take care of the 90% of women who have normal pregnancies and the OBs only take care of the complicated patients. Hmmm, what a concept. Their infant and maternal mortality rates are much better than ours. I wish we’d take the money out of medicine so all of us could receive better care!

I also signed up for a month long challenge (see yesterday’s post) and Tatjana sent me this very cool racing bib…


And last, but not least, not only am I going to do the month long Kilomathon, but I’m going to do strict Dukan every day the month of June. I’m committed, going to shed those pounds that creeped back on :)

So here’s to a wonderful June… You ready?!?!?


Run or walk this June and earn a beautiful medal!


I’ve signed up and I’ve invited my Facebook friends to sign up… What a great way to get some exercise this summer and it’s for a good cause! I’m in China for most of June, so my walks will be here… Where will yours be?

Originally posted on run eat life:

I loved my first virtual race so much that I thought I’d do it again! In April I raised over $1,000 for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. I would like to top this in June!

This June, run or walk 1k each night or run or walk a 5k any time in June to earn this beautiful medal (designed by Lahela Schoessler).

medal photo small

How does this work?
You can chose:

  • Run or walk a 5K fun run any time in June and enjoy the midnight sun! Take your kids, your spouse, your best friend and run or walk together!


  • Run or walk 30K in June. Run or walk 1K every evening and enjoy the midnight sun or break up the 30K any way you like. 30K is 18.64 miles.

How much will this cost?
$25 entry (profits will go to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society). $30 for participants outside…

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2014 Courage Challenge Mud Run 5 (unexpected) miles

I got to do this on Saturday and it was AWESOME. My granddaughter Sadie, who has taken on my love for running asked if she could do the kid’s one mile run. She is a teeny tiny 9 year old. So off we went Saturday morning for some good, dirty fun!

The plan was that Sadie would run the kid’s 1 mile course after I ran my errrrr…. 5K course. About 20 minutes before my run they announce they are closing the kid’s course down at 1230. Here’s the conversation:

“Um, excuse me, but I thought the kid’s course was open until 200 p.m. We were planning on my granddaughter running her 1 mile when I was done with my 5K, and with the obstacles, I’ll probable be an hour and half”.

“Ma’am, this is a FIVE MILE race not a 5K”… big grin on the buff dude’s face.

Me: “Oh, my, Oh, oh… ummm, OK. (Now a tad bit concerned, but sucking it up and pulling on my big girl panties)… So what can we do about my granddaughter”?

“Let me speak with the coordinator”… 5 minutes later, “so they said she can run with you”.

Me: Mouth gaping open, speechless!

Sadie: Jumping up and down SQUEALING and shouting “YES!!! YES!!! YES!!!”

So that’s what we did. The kid ROCKED IT! She is a BEAST in the best way. This was an elite ADULT course with 20 obstacles… some so high off the ground we had to lift her to reach the rope! She even did burpees with me, when I couldn’t complete an obstacle. She amazed me and the adults around us. Towards the end I was fighting tears of pride. The 2nd to the last obstacle was a 12-15 foot high rope wall (not sure, but it was high!), after commando crawling through mud/manure, she climbed that rope wall like it was nothing. I moved around to the front and as she cleared the top, my normally quiet sweet girl ROARED like the lioness that she is!!! The tears flowed then, and not just mine, other adults witnessing this little lioness succeed, did the same. I am hoping upon all hope that the photographer with the very expensive camera caught those moments, because they are amazing. As she scaled down the other side of that rope wall, she hopped into the mud, put her arms in a power pose and screamed, “I AM POWERFUL”… YES.SHE.IS! We dropped back on to our bellies and commando crawled under the ropes again… and my sweet baby, who stayed with her Momma (that’s what the grandkids call me), shot off for the finish line! She did the final obstacle on her own, came back around and did it with me and we ran hand in hand through the finish line… amazing day!

Me and Sadie with my friends Bill, Dana, Shannon, Elizabeth and Ed.

Me and Sadie with my friends Bill, Dana, Shannon, Elizabeth and Ed.

This kid is a BEAST!

This kid is a BEAST!

The last obstacle is nearly done!

The last obstacle is nearly done!





Running into the finish, cheered on by the best of friends!

Running into the finish, cheered on by the best of friends!






Some of our Team

Some of our Team



Go spend 22 wonderful minutes watching this video on my friend Sandra’s blog… you’ll discover the wonderful POSSIBILITIES!

Originally posted on A Promise to Dad:

I feel a deep need to share this with you.  A video I came across almost exactly four years ago today.  A video that changed my perspective at a time that I needed it desperately.  Make sure you watch the part about the dandelions.

I am in a place right now that requires me to find the positive.

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